Clavister is a leading European cybersecurity vendor with over 20 years of experience. Seated in Sweden, Clavister is a local alternative to the traditional security vendors.

Most large security vendors, and particularly firewall vendors, are from Silicon Valley or Silicon Wadi. Clavister has managed to build a highly competent, international workforce in a small town in northern Sweden, deliberately using Sweden´s legislation, culture and mentality to foster an innovative company, delivering true security. Come see for yourself – as Clavister invites any customer to visit their headquarters and review their code. To make sure there are no backdoors. None. Zero. Security by Sweden means trustworthy no-nonsense flexible products to secure your business.

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Their customers globally range from large enterprises, national government, law enforcement and defense, and major service providers, down to small businesses and local government.

Pedab believes in the value of local vendors who understand the local market and their challenges. We have experienced a market for more agile vendors to compete with the established players. Clavister has shown how local presence, excellent customer support, flexibility and outstanding technology can make a difference.


Jonas Vallin
Pedab Group

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