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How we create value

We are helping our Business Partners with POS solution design, purchase planning and roll-out projects.

Pedab offers a wide range of Point-Of-Sales products and associated peripheral equipment from leading suppliers in the market.

  • We deliver different models of POS CPU’s,  All-In-One and distributed systems, Self-Checkout and Self Scanning Solutions, Displays and printers from Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
  • We deliver Mobile Computing devices, Tablets, Mobile Printers and Scanners from Zebra Technology
  • We deliver a range of scanners from Datalogic
  • We deliver Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) from Hanshow
  • We deliver mounting solutions for POS products and peripherals from Ergonomic Solutions

In addition to our Hardware offerings we also deliver services such as staging, Hardware mounting of peripherals, logistic services and financing.


Contact persons Retail

Christine Berthon
Christine Berthon

Country Manager - France