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Trusted Advisor. Trusted Partner. Trusted Provider.

Trusted Advisor. Trusted Partner. Trusted Provider.

We are a family-owned company

Pedab Group is one hundred percent owned by the founding family. This gives us the flexibility to grow at our own pace with a powerful vision, and to build long-term relationships in a healthy business environment.

Being family-owned has always shaped our corporate culture and provides a solid foundation for our success. We aim at close co-operation based on loyalty and fair play. We always strive for building durable relationships and win-win partnerships. We deliver solutions and services that create genuine added value.

This has led to steady growth ever since 1993, when Pedab first was established.

As a family-owned company active in eight European countries, we take pride in having local expertise with a regional reach. We can also flexibly react to global trends and transform ideas rapidly into effective results in the local markets.


We help you stay one step ahead

From our local start over 30 years ago to our European presence today Pedab has enjoyed a steady growth and constant enrichment of our offerings.

Every step along the way has enabled us to better fulfill our purpose of preparing our customers for the future.

We believe that the future of a successful business depends on the IT decisions that are made today. Whether the goal is to expand into new markets or develop new services, a sharp technological edge is the best way to operate efficiently and stay competitive. A proactive IT strategy predicts future needs and creates reliable IT environments that can handle those needs as they appear.

We are privileged to work with cutting-edge technology and employ some of the most talented people in the IT industry. Together with our ecosystem we always try to provide the best value combination of solutions, services and delivery for the optimal customer solution. We build long-term partnerships with those who share our passion and work in close collaboration to achieve our goal of helping businesses stay one step ahead.


Our values

Pedab has a very strong culture and our business is based on four core values in everything we do:

1. We are a leader. We show courage and confidence in who we are and what we do. We set our agenda, and we follow our plans.

2. We can be trusted at all times, in all our relationships. We honor commitments and we are honest and transparent.

3. We bring positive energy. We act proactively, are open minded to new work approaches and seek collaboration.

4. We use sound business reasoning in everything we do.


Want to get to know us?

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